Batch Photo Conversion with Easy Thumbnails

Easy ThumbnailsWhat is it? Windows utility for creating accurate thumbnail images and scaled-down/up image copies.



Easy Thumbnails

Why we like it? With Easy Thumbnails we can batch resize, compress, rename, copy and adjust images.
It has a built-in real time image viewer. You can use slider controls to rotate images and adjust their contrast, brightness, sharpness and quality.

Other Features?

  • Eleven resampling filters, including Bicubic and Lanczos3
  • Sharpen soft images from digital cameras
  • Real-time preview of target image and its file size
  • Preserves EXIF data in JPEG images
  • Supports lossless JPEG rotation
  • Save your thumbnails to a Web page using a HTML template that you can easily customize

System Requirements? Runs under all recent versions of Windows (from Windows 95 to 8.1)

Where to get it?

Who makes it? Fookes Software

How much? 100% free. It won’t annoy you with ads, junkware or nag screens.